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East London Electronic RecyclingRubbish can easily take over your life. Before you even know it, your house or office can be cluttered with all sorts of junk you don’t actually need lying around. And when that happens, the feeling can be overwhelming. No need to worry though! Our East London rubbish removal services are there to help you! We will bring in our experience, our highly trained people and our excellent tools and products to ensure that absolutely no trace of junk is left behind! We can handle furniture clearance, garden clearance, office clearance and property clearance as well, so there is really no need to worry about anything. Before we proceed to work, we will discuss things first with you. Sensitive items will be cleared out with the highest level of professionalism and we will ensure that nothing is left behind. Furthermore, we will be able to handle every kind of substance or item in a careful and safe way so that you, your family, your employees and your home or office are all safe throughout the clearance process.

Contact House Clearance at 020 3743 8654 and we’ll take care of your house or office rubbish disposal!
The East London area has been known for a very long time. Starting with the 18th century, people started to refer to it as the “part beyond the Tower” and although “East London” was not officially used until the 1950s, this part is very much known to locals and tourists alike. The growth of this area is very much connected to industrialization and to the railway network that was built here starting with 1839. These days, the East London (or the Northeast London) area is quite popular for people moving into the city and for tourists at the same time. Split into multiple boroughs (such as Hackney, Redbridge, Newham and Tower Hamlets), this part of London has its good share of attractions – just as the rest of the city does. The Museum of Childhood, for example, is located precisely in this part of the city and it is one of the most original museums in the world (featuring all sorts of childhood-related items, including toys, dolls’ houses and so on). Furthermore, tourists are also attracted to the Whitechapel Art Gallery and to the Geffrye Museum as well.

Metal Rubbish Removal East LondonIf your home or office is situated in the East London area and if you need to call for waste removal services’ help, wait no longer! We can be there at the appointed time and date and we can ensure that all the rubbish on your property is removed. From garden junk removal to furniture clearance, we can deliver any kind of junk removal-related service. We will do everything with high professionalism and we will ensure that nothing you don’t want around is left behind after we are gone. We have the people, the tools and the know-how that will help us do this efficiently and in a timely manner. Also, we will be able to handle everything you need and we will not be afraid of any kind to ensure that any kind of rubbish you need to have removed is properly disposed of. We work at prices that are more than affordable and we know how important it is for you to find a reliable clearance services provider, so we will always make sure we deliver above and beyond. To find out more about our prices and about our services as well, do not hesitate to contact House Clearance at 020 3743 8654 as soon as possible. Don’t wait any longer! The time for home clearance and junk removal has come!

Our Testimonials
Laura H 31/07/2022
Their builders waste removal team took care of my site clearance. There was a lot to remove. They did so quickly, efficiently, and without creating any unnecessary mess. I'd thoroughly recommend them for such work.
S. Beckett 30/05/2022
I want to thank their builders waste removal team. The service provided was brilliant and was exactly what was required. I'll be hiring them again if and when in need.
K. Homer 25/05/2022
I didn't want to shell out cash and hire the council to take care of the garden waste collection. Hiring this firm for the job proved to be a lot cheaper. I got the lot removed, the very next day and for a very good price.
Paris M 25/05/2022
I hired House Clearance for the builders waste collection. Getting rid of everything so quickly meant that I could finally mark the completion of the building project that had been going on my property for quite some time. That was a relief. I was thankful for the speedy clearance.
Holly H 21/07/2022
The builders waste collection service proved to be a great skip hire alternative. I knew hiring a skip would've been costly. I saved myself a great deal of cash in getting everything sorted with them.
Josh S. 20/09/2021
I got my rubbish clearance job sorted with ease when I reached out to this firm. They're a great company that provided a great service. I'd thoroughly recommend going with them if after any type of rubbish that needs collecting.
Jimmy E 19/07/2022
Rather than having bags and bags of green waste sitting in my garden, I thought it'd be better to hire House Clearance for garden waste collection. I got everything sorted at once.
Cara H. 17/03/2022
I've hired this rubbish disposal company to get rid of all sorts for me in East London over the years. They're always on hand to carry out collections as and when needed and always carry out speedy, neat and tidy work.
T. Brody 14/01/2022
I chose House Clearance for a builders waste collection job in East London rather than hiring a skip. I got everything cleared in just one, quick session. It was simple and just hassle-free dealing with them, hiring such a service.
K. Bates 08/08/2021
I want to thank their builders waste collection team for helping to make my house look like a home again. It had resembled a building site before this firm got to work.
Nick S. 08/03/2021
It was an excellent service from this rubbish disposal company. It was great to have a call from them beforehand letting me know they were on their way. Then the speedy way with which they handled the big clearance was a sight to behold. It was all very impressive.
K. Mackintosh 08/01/2022
I reached out to this rubbish clearance company for a quote for a job in East London. They claimed to be fully licenced and insured and an ethically responsible disposal company. Plus, they gave me a great quote. That was enough for me.
I. Latham 06/06/2022
The garden waste collection service took place to bang on time and was just what we required. I started making use of my beautiful, junk-free garden as soon as the clearance had been completed!
E. Rashford 05/06/2022
Due to what I needed to take away, I thought the builders waste removal service would be rather costly. I reached out to other companies too, and they were all charging a lot more. I was amazed and very happy with the quote given.
Jeff N. 04/02/2021
From booking them in for rubbish disposal to the actual service on the day in East London, everything about this company was spot on.
R. Hughes 03/08/2022
I didn't want to hire a skip. I knew it'd be costly, and I didn't want to have such an unsightly load parked outside my property. Thankfully, this company gave me a better, cheaper option for builders waste disposal.
L. Potts 02/06/2022
There was a lot of building waste cluttering up my property. It needed to be collected, handled and disposed of by professionals. I did my research and this company seemed to be the best for the job. I'm glad I hired them for the builders waste removal. The service was just what was needed.
Karl A. 02/04/2022
It's well worth considering hiring this company for a garden waste collection in East London after carrying out large amounts of gardening work. Placing a call to them presents a simple way of getting rid of all of the green waste.
Alan S 01/08/2022
I hired House Clearance for commercial waste management. My business now leans on them heavily. Thankfully, they always have teams available to carry out waste collection services when needed.
Randy A. 01/05/2022
Rubbish removal took place on time in East London, on the specified date, and we were all delighted with the service.
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