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Warehouse Junk Removal LondonHouse Clearance are here to make sure that you are getting the very best help with the decluttering of your home. We know how tough it can be to find the best way in which to deal with the junk and clutter which can be so quick to build up in your house and when you hire our clearance services, you are getting the very best way in which to deal with these issues. We know how to make sure that your home just as you like it, so just give us a call on 020 3743 8654 to find out more.

There is no one better placed to make sure that you are getting the full benefit of the many years which we have spent in the industry. Getting rid of the clutter in your home is easier than ever before and we want to make sure that you are able to tap into the many years’ experience which we have spent delivering the kind of help which you can really depend upon and which makes a massive difference in your home or office. With our expertise, you can free up a huge amount of space.

The experience which we possess means that we can make sure that you are getting the best decluttering services out there. We can help with everything, from clearing your basement to your work place, always delivering the same high standards of help which you can really depend upon to make a massive difference. There is nothing which we cannot help with and hiring our rubbish clearance assistance ensures that you are getting the right way in which to clear extra space in your home every single time you might need to get rid of the clutter which is easy to build up.

Hiring our help not only means that you are freeing up space in your home but that you are getting the easiest way in which to reduce the stress and worry involved in clearance. Many people struggle to find the time and energy to handle the clearing in the correct fashion and as such, it ends up taking a huge amount of time. With our help, however, you can deal with the problem in no time at all and make sure that you are getting your home, office, basement or any other kind of place exactly as you might like it.

Trash Collection Companies in LondonOne of the very best features of the junk disposal services which we have to offer is that we can also make sure that you are saving a huge amount of money. There is no better way in which to ensure that you are getting the very best value on the services which you really need. Dealing with clutter and junk need no longer be expensive and one call to our company could be all that you need in order to make sure that you are getting the best help at the best price. Our low prices mean that you are provided with the clearance which really matters.

When you hire House Clearance, you receive the best house clearance solutions out there. We can help deal with all of the decluttering which you might have and can make sure that the space which you have available to you is more than ever before. Getting rid of the clutter, rubbish and junk from any space has never been easier and has never been cheaper. All you need to do is call us on 020 3743 8654 and get a free quote and you can discover just how easy we can make it to get the kind of services which you really need.

Our Testimonials
Charlie H 31/07/2022
Thankfully, this company was able to take care of my decluttering needs for a very good price. I was expecting to pay significantly more to get all the bulky waste cleared.
Alan S. 29/08/2021
The final payment was as quoted, despite the extra items I asked them to take away on the day. Their rubbish removal team took them away without issue.
D. Brandworth 28/11/2021
Their rubbish removal crew were polite and hard-working, were done in a jiffy. I didn't spend much time around them as they were done so fast, but I was mightily impressed with what I saw.
L. King 28/05/2022
I used them for decluterring and was thrilled with what took place. There was plenty that needed removing. My house was a mess. I felt better about things after this company cleared everything.
Charlie E 27/07/2022
I heard that House Clearance had ethical decluttering practices. I reached out to them for the job I needed handling and received a very good quote too. That was enough for me to book them in for clearance.
J. Handscombe 26/05/2022
I thought that perhaps the decluterring would involve them taking over two van loads of junk with them. I was discarding a lot. Amazingly, they were able to take everything in just one van, in one collection, saving me money in the process.
D. Sutcliffe 23/06/2022
Kudos to the house decluttering team that did such a tremendous amount of work for me. There was an awful lot to clear. They managed to take everything out of my house and load it all up with ease.
O. Donovan 18/07/2022
I hired them for a decluttering job. Everything was arranged through their website. On the day, the collection took place just as arranged. It was cheap and fuss-free to get everything cleared with them.
Stuart D. 17/05/2022
The decluterring job was booked and went according to plan. They removed the lot quickly, efficiently, and for a good price. I couldn't have asked for anything more from their team.
Nigel D 16/06/2022
I got House Clearance to take care of a complete house decluttering for me. There was a lot that needed removing and loading up. I hired the right company for the job. It was a fuss-free service.
E. McBool 14/06/2022
I hired them for waste decluttering job. They cleared the site, eliminating all remnants of building waste and rubble, in no time at all.
Angela A. 14/05/2022
The decluttering job I booked then for took place on time. I got the lot cleared for a good price. I have no complaints.
Elgar M. 14/01/2022
The flat clearance team that showed up from House Clearance didn't waste any time removing all the junk from my flat. It was a speedy and professional job.
F. Marksman 13/01/2021
I asked a lot of them to complete the full house decluttering within the hour. But the team that arrived had everything loaded up and were on their way within thirty minutes. It was a great service.
R. Overton 12/01/2020
I was stressing about getting a company to take care of the builders waste collection for me. I just knew it'd be costly. But it needed to be done. I thank my lucky stars I came across this firm when I did. I made use of their great prices and their fantastic services.
Rita H. 10/10/2021
Hiring them for builders waste removal proved to be a great decision. I didn't want to have a skip parked outside my property, so hiring them was the logical alternative. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who is having some building work done.
Helena S. 09/12/2021
I thought the builders waste disposal service would be costly. But they gave me a great quote and proceeded to stick to it. It was all very impressive considering skip hire would've cost a lot more.
Michael F 09/07/2022
They took care of my decluttering needs for a very good price. I reached out to other companies operating before hiring this firm. The other quotes I was getting were a lot more.
Connor A. 09/07/2021
I regularly make use of their same day decluttering services. Being able to get rid of unwanted junk so quickly has been a real help.
Melanie S. 09/04/2021
I got their rubbish disposal team to collect a large sofa and a bed for me. The fact that they were able to load it all into their van, in just one collection, was a miracle.
Caroline H. 08/03/2021
The rubbish disposal team was fast and polite whilst working on my property. All in all, it was a very good service.
Z. Smith 07/02/2022
The decluttering team that arrived from this company carried out speedy and professional work. I managed to get the lot cleared with ease when dealing with this firm.
G. Ferdinand 06/06/2022
The decluterring service was cheap as chips. I'm glad I took the time to do my research and saw it fit to hire this company.
Ollie H. 05/02/2021
I detailed the nature of my rubbish collection job to them before they arrived. On the day, they were prompt and professional, knew what they were doing and completed a top job for me.
R. Dunbar 04/04/2022
The other companies I got prices from were quoting a lot more for same day decluttering services. I'm glad I continued getting quotes and saw it fit to go with this company, and their services.
J. Orton 03/06/2022
Their professionals took away a large sofa and table from my house. There were bulky items, so I thought the decluttering would cost a lot. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the quote.
Iwona H 02/08/2022
Their professionals handled my waste as professionals. They had the site cleared away before I knew it.
Faye H. 02/01/2022
I want to thank House Clearance for getting my flat decluttering needs in no time. They did terrifically well, considering what I needed removing.
D. Quinn 01/07/2022
I needed their decluttering expertise if I was going to get things cleared from my small loft space. They managed it brilliantly and removed everything from my loft and property without damaging anything, without making a mess.
K. Williamson 01/06/2022
I hired them for a decluterring service. I had about ten bags of green waste that needed collecting. They had the lot loaded into their van within a couple of minutes.
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