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 Furniture Clearance Service LondonHouse Clearance are here to make sure that you are getting the very best help with all of your rubbish removal needs. We want to make sure that every single person has access to the kind of services which really matter, delivering the very best help in every single circumstance. There is nothing which we cannot help with and no one better placed to make sure that you are getting the best help available. So if you would like to find out more about what we can do to help you, simply give us a call on 020 3743 8654 and we can provide you with a free quote.

There is no other company which has spent so long in the industry, delivering the best results possible. As such, you can now take full advantage of the expertise which we have to offer, meaning that you can trust us to deliver the very best help in every single situation. Having worked in the business for so long, we know how to deal with all of the issues which might arise and we make sure that every single service which we provide is backed up by the best expertise in the industry.

Hiring our help means that you can be sure that you will get the best rubbish clearance solutions and removal services in every single situation. There is nothing which we cannot help with, whether you are thinking about preparing your home for some redecorating, thinking about moving home, getting rid of the waste in  the garden or simply trying to declutter the home which you have, we are here to ensure that you will get the very best junk disposal help. Whether you are looking for help in the office, the garden, the garage, your flat or your home, we are the ones who you need to call.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with all of the issues which arise during rubbish removal and how stressful and time consuming this can become. Because so many people struggle to get the issues resolved quickly and easily, it can be tough to find the right help. Thankfully, one call to our team means that you will get the kind of waste disposal help which can always be depended upon to make the most of your time and energy. Rather than struggling yourself, we can make your life easier than ever before.

London Property ClearingIf you are looking for help with getting rid of the rubbish in your home or office, then one of the very best things which we have to offer is our prices. One call to our team is all you ever need to be sure that you will get the very best deal on the best rubbish clearance services around. We use our expertise to drive down the cost of moving home and want to make sure that you are getting the right help at the right price. With our low costs, finding the right clearance has never been easier.
When you hire House Clearance, you are not only hiring the best junk removal professionals in the industry, but you are making sure that you get the best way to deal with junk and clutter in your home. With the help of our rubbish removal, you can get both the best services around and the best price available. It could not be easier to free up space in your home and make sure that you are getting the most of the space which you have available. To find out more about what we have to offer and to get a free waste removal quote, simply call 020 3743 8654 right now.

Our Testimonials
Larry A 31/07/2022
I booked this rubbish removal company at the last minute. Thankfully, this company was still able to accommodate my needs. They cleared the site with ease and efficiency. Not even the tiniest bit of junk was left over.
K. Smith 31/01/2022
This rubbish removal company were true to their word. For the life of me, I couldn't work out how the service could be so cheap. But they removed the lot and stuck to the price quoted beforehand.
Lee G. 30/09/2021
The speedy rubbish removal service really helped me out. Thanks to them, I was able to start making use of my newfound space sooner rather than later. It was a top job completed by a top team of professionals.
E. Croft 29/07/2021
Rather than go with skip hire, I went down the builders rubbish removal route. I'm glad I did. Everything got cleared so simply and quickly, in just one collection session.
T. Plumber 25/08/2021
I always hire them for same day rubbish removal. It's just so quick and easy with them.
G. Galoway 25/06/2022
I've hired their rubbish removal services for all sorts over the years. I've had them collect large items of furniture, boxes and bags of junk. They always carry out fast collections for me and always give reasonable quotes.
S. Marks 25/05/2022
I detailed what needed to be taken away during the rubbish removal service to House Clearance beforehand. Everything on the day was spot on. They took the lot away without a fuss, without creating a mess. I got the service I paid for.
I. Orton 25/05/2022
The fact that they're an ethically responsible rubbish removal company appealed to me. I liked that the waste I wanted to get rid of would be diverted from landfill and that most of it would be recycled.
Nelly M 23/07/2022
I hired House Clearance based on their rubbish removal reviews. I read that they were cheap to hire and were often able to carry out same day clearances. I reached out to them, and they gave me a great price, and thankfully, were able to accommodate my needs.
Tim E. 20/10/2021
The builders rubbish removal took place on time. They were done and dusted with the job before I knew it. It was just the service I required.
R. Redgrave 18/06/2022
I didn't want my junk going to the landfill. This rubbish removal company had ethical credentials. I have no reason to believe that most of the junk they collected from me was diverted away from the landfill.
Ady S. 16/11/2021
This rubbish removal firm got everything sorted when I needed it done. They completed a top job for me. I'm very appreciative of that.
Ben S 16/06/2022
The rubbish removal two-man team had the lot cleared from my house in under five minutes. They left the area clean and tidy too.
Iwona A. 16/01/2022
Their rubbish removal team handled the collection like the top team of experienced professionals I'd been hoping they'd be. There was a lot to collect. But they had their van loaded up and were on the road within ten minutes.
R. Bartek 15/02/2022
Kudos to the rubbish removal professionals from this company for carrying out such a fast and efficient collection service for me. There was an awful lot that needed collecting. They took care of the lot without issue.
F. Kawol 13/01/2021
I got my rubbish removal requirements sorted quickly and easily, on the same day in fact, when I reached out to this company. They were terrific to deal with. I want to thank them for being able to accommodate my needs.
L. Whitford 11/05/2022
Their rubbish removal team came up trumps for me. The speedy way with which they cleared everything from my house benefitted me immensely.
Ivy F. 09/06/2021
It was far cheaper than expected to hire them for rubbish removal. I was getting rid of a lot. Even so, it was a professional service, so I anticipated the quote is a lot higher.
Yasmin S. 08/12/2021
I was getting rid of a lot. But their rubbish removal team loaded up their van in such a way so as to ensure that everything would fit, that they wouldn't have to come back. Doing so meant I only had to shell out for one collection.
Randy J 08/06/2022
I did my research into House Clearance and found that they were an ethically responsible rubbish removal firm. That was enough to make me hire them. I felt better about things, knowing that most of my junk would be recycled.
Paige S. 07/10/2021
Their team arrived on time and didn't waste any time getting started with all of the heavy liftings. Everything was loaded up and they were on their way before I knew it.
K. Bairstow 07/06/2022
I had loads of boxes of junk that needed collecting. They assured me they'd be able to handle the lot, in just one load. The rubbish removal team put on my job didn't disappoint.
Donna A 05/05/2022
It's really handy being able to use House Clearance for rubbish removal when in need. They're just a great, very professional company to deal with.
T. Broad 05/05/2022
I've hired House Clearance for rubbish removal a few times now. Getting them to take everything away is much more convenient than taking everything away to my local disposal plant myself.
Haf M. 05/01/2022
Their builders rubbish removal team completed a speedy and efficient job for me. It was precisely what was required. They saved me a tremendous amount of stress, from having to deal with a skip hire firm.
Pia H 04/08/2022
I booked them for rubbish removal. I banked on their team to deliver, and thankfully, they came through for me. All the junk was cleared extremely quickly and for a very good price.
William A 03/08/2022
I booked them for a rubbish removal job. They'd loaded all the junk up and were on their way before I knew it. It was the speedy, fuss-free service I wanted.
Haley A 02/08/2022
I gave House Clearance a detailed description of all the junk that needed collecting in the hope they'd give me an accurate quote. The quote they gave me for rubbish removal was very reasonable. I thought I'd be paying a lot more to get such a massive amount of junk cleared.
Brendon A. 02/05/2022
I want to thank the rubbish removal team who came over and cleared everything from my property for handling things so quickly and efficiently. Based on this recent service, I'd recommend them to anyone.
Elanor H 01/06/2022
I got their rubbish removal team to collect a large sofa from my house that had been taking up space I wanted to use for something else. I got the collection booked in and sorted quickly and easily.
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