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Industrial Clearance Companies Central LondonLiving in a house or working in an office that is cluttered with various types of rubbish can be more than simply unpleasant: it can be stressful, it can give you a constant state of uneasiness and it can even be harmful for your physical health. However, time can sometimes be limited and rubbish can very easily gather up in your life without you even noticing it. When that happens, it is of the utmost importance that you contact professional property clearance services to help you out. You don’t have to do this alone if you don’t have the time or if you are afraid that you may get hurt! House Clearance can be there for you and we can help you clear out your garage, your furniture, your office, your home or your garden rubbish removal, regardless of the type of junk you need to get rid of! We are experienced and we know how to handle every kind of situation possible. Our house clearance teams will come well-prepared with tools and products to ensure that the clearance process is done in a safe and efficient way so that you don’t worry about anything!

The Central London area is without any kind of doubt the part of London most of the tourists are familiar with. This is the area where some of the most important London attractions find their home and the part of this great city most of the people get to know first. These days, the area is not clearly defined any longer, but most of the people still “trace” it on the map according to an older definition which included boroughs such as Camden, Kensington and Chelsea and the City of London proper as well. As for the attractions in this area, they vary greatly and there is a high chance that whatever you are searching for in London will be greatly represented in the Central part as well. Some of the best attractions here include the London Eye, the London Dungeon (great especially if you are searching for some “scary fun”) and the world-famous, splendid Buckingham Palace. In general, there is something for every kind of tourist and resident and from stunning hotels to the most delicious meals possible, you will find everything your heart desires here.

Expert Waste Removal Services Central LondonIf your office or home is located in Central London (or anywhere else in London) and if you feel that you need help with your junk disposal, don’t hesitate any longer and contact House Clearance. Our many years of experience and our professional teams can be there at your service when you need them. Simply call us at 020 3743 8654 and make an appointment with us. We will come at the designated time and date at your address and take a look around to see exactly what waste removal strategies we will have to use. Before we start doing our job, we will make sure to discuss everything with you first so that the process follows your wish 100%. Furthermore, rest assured that we will be able to handle just about any kind of junk removal. Furniture, garden waste and even sensitive items or potentially dangerous substances – we will be able to handle them all. Even more than that, we can offer you builders waste clearance services as well if you have a lot of construction junk lying around your house and yard. We want to be 100% certain that we leave your home or office perfectly cleared out of any trace of rubbish, so that you live a healthier, more stress-free and efficient life in your house or office!

Our Testimonials
Richard M 30/06/2022
I booked them in for a waste collection. I was happy with how the service went. After booking them, there was nothing for me to do. It was what I expected from such a professional company.
S. Lyons 25/05/2022
It was a big rubbish removal job. I needed it all taken care of professionally. I'm so glad I came across House Clearance when I did. They provided the perfect service.
Brinda N 24/05/2022
I reached out to this company and, thankfully, they were able to meet my needs for a speedy waste collection service. I'm glad I found this company when I did.
Melissa M. 23/02/2020
House Clearance was an awesome company to hire. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a rubbish removal service in Central London! The workers are always more than happy to help, and I know I can count on them; which in this day and age, is saying a lot.
Nickie A. 22/02/2022
I booked House Clearance to take care of a couple of large sofas for me in Central London. It was just the rubbish clearance service I required. It was all carted away with minimum fuss. I'd happily recommend this company.
Aly A. 17/05/2022
I got my waste clearance needs handled by the right team of professionals. House Clearance was just terrific. They carried out the perfect service and did just what was needed.
Claude H. 14/01/2021
I regularly hire House Clearance for rubbish removal purposes in Central London, and time and time again they impress. It's refreshingly simple dealing with them. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Lee A. 09/05/2022
Hiring House Clearance to take care of rubbish disposal for me in Central London proved to be a great decision. I was looking to get rid of a lot. They were able to take away everything in just one collection session without any problems arising.
Ben A. 09/05/2022
The massive waste collection job I needed House Clearance to handle went by without a hitch. There was a lot that needed to be removed. They managed to take everything away in just one collection service without any problems at all.
Jules M. 08/01/2021
Their rubbish disposal lads did a lot of work for me. They gave me a very reasonable quote beforehand. After actually completing the collection on the day, I anticipated the price of the service rises. But they were true to their word. The final payment was as quoted.
H. Bale 05/06/2022
I want to thank them for handling my waste collection needs quickly. I wanted everything gone from my property as soon as possible. They were able to come through for me.
K. Light 05/05/2022
I've booked House Clearance for rubbish disposal in Central London quite a few times now. They're always available when needed and always have teams on hand to carry out speedy clearances. I'd definitely recommend them.
Tina S. 04/12/2021
They were an ethically responsible rubbish disposal company. They said they'd aim for zero waste when carrying out my collection in Central London or get as close to it as possible. I have no doubt they achieved that.
Sadie M. 04/04/2022
House Clearance had good rubbish disposal reviews online, so I decided to go with. I'm glad I did because it was the speedy, cheap clearance I needed. I'm certainly going to keep their details handy and will use them again when in need.
Greg M. 04/03/2020
Awesome experience with these junk removal guys. They made quick work of a huge pile of demo scraps. They were on time, super friendly and upfront about everything. No surprises added fees or anything out of scope. Saved me a ton of work and a whole lot of time going back and forth to the dump. Money well spent and worth every pound.
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