Reusable Mugs Are Better Than Disposable Cups Any Day
05 October 2020

The Benefits of Using a Reusable Mug Instead of a Disposable Cup

reusable mug

There is a reason why the talk on eco-friendly practices and green life is getting more and more emphasized - the environment is suffering from all the accumulated waste. It is obvious that we are throwing out more than nature can deal with. It is our duty to reduce that stress on the environment in every way possible.

Effective waste disposal methods and reduction of the volume of rubbish we throw out are both great strategies for helping out the environment. You don’t have to start big, as even the smallest changes you make to your lifestyle as an individual have an impact. Switching the focus away from one time use only items to their reusable counterparts is nothing too difficult.

disposable cups

Let’s talk about reusable mugs vs. disposable cups. It is common to walk into your office and join in your co-workers for a sip of coffee or tea from … a disposable cup. However, if you think about everything was said earlier and the fact that there is a better alternative to that cup, would you consider changing your cup for a reusable mug? It is ok if you have never actually thought about this, but right now it is important to focus on the benefits of using a reusable mug instead of a disposable cup:

- Discounts at coffee shops - getting coffee on the go is common for people in the hurry early in the morning. Did you know that a good number of coffee shop owners actually offer a discount if you take the coffee in your own mug? That is a fantastic way of reducing the volume of rubbish removal they have to deal with, so it’s beneficial for them and the environment as well. Fewer disposable cups = less rubbish to bother with.

coffee shop discount

- Some coffee shops offer their own mug brands - if you are so used to the shop you are getting your early morning drink from, you likely feel that place very close. The owner is your friend, you chat with the staff and you just love their coffee! So buying a reusable mug (which likely presents the previously described benefit as well) with their shop brand will make you feel good. You will carry a piece of the spirit of the place with you, instead of tossing out a disposable cup on the garbage bin for waste disposal.

branded mug

- Mugs are much more convenient - yes, they do weigh a little bit more than a simple plastic disposable cup. However, there are certain models with a cover, which means you can take that and safely keep it on the passenger seat beside you, without fear it can get deformed because of your bag or anything else you put there.


- Mugs keep your drink warm for longer - the heat in disposable cups is lost quickly, which is not the case with mugs. They will keep your drink hot for hours, all the while reducing the need for you to worry about waste removal! As an added bonus, you get a really nice item to warm your hands with during the winter months.

keeps your drink warm

- Mugs can be personalised - if you don’t like the idea of seeing any brand on your mug, you can get a custom made one with a picture of your choosing. Not only that, but there are now hi-tech models of self-stirring mugs, self-warming mugs, mugs that change colour when hot or cold and numerous other gadgets that will make you want to have them and use them.

personalised mug

- Mugs save you money - it has been proven that mugs are in fact cheaper than disposable cups. You invest your money in a long-lasting product, which will contain your drink for thousand or more times. That is far more preferable than using a thousand or more disposable cups, which will then cost even more money during waste collection and processing.

save money

If you weigh the benefits of the reusable mug, it becomes clear that it is the better alternative to disposable cups. Get one today to ease the process of waste removal and contribute to a greener tomorrow!

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