When we contacted them at 10am last Tuesday, they were able to schedule a collection for Thursday without any trouble.
     Adhering to deadlines was necessary for us and each employee showed great respect while completing their tasks. Even after it was finished, all remnants had been swept up with great attention to detail; providing us with outstanding services overall.
Jason Phillips04/12/2023
     Amazingly cheap rate worked out at once with it being totally done within sixty minutes top! Really nice folks working there too!
Molly Franklin20/11/2023
     The trash pick-up had been scheduled for the coming day, they kept me in the loop by notifying me beforehand. The job was done by two polite experts who were very competent at what they did.
B. Shaw06/11/2023
     Outstanding service, affordable cost, delight to do business with.
Sonia Flower19/10/2023
     The team had sensitivity regarding my circumstance and treated me with a great deal of tolerance. Fast-acting, they disposed of my rubbish and tidied up the zone when they were done.
N. Brian03/08/2023
     This company is top notch - efficient, courteous, and highly knowledgeable; their communication skills are first rate, from the first contact for a quote to the finishing touches of waste removal.
Steve A.20/07/2023
      House Clearance's waste removal service is truly outstanding - simple to book, always on time and fairly priced. They offer incredibly friendly, professional, helpful and respectful service that I highly recommend!
Audrina L.06/06/2023
     The garden waste clearance was fantastic, House Clearance Companies did an amazing job on my lawn!
Sandra D.12/05/2023
     Nothing beats the affordability of House Clearance Service's waste removal services - not only are their prices unbeatable but the quality of work is exceptional as well!
Richard M.25/04/2023
     The team from Home Clearance Company handled all the waste removal tasks necessary in our flat - would be more than happy to reengage their services anytime soon!
Juanita Perez06/04/2023
     Utilizing Home Clearance Company and their service was a breeze; the driver turned up right on time and did not tarry in completing the collection. Having relied on their services frequently in the past, did not face any problems whatsoever; without hesitation they are deserving of my highest recommendation!
Alicia Smith20/02/2023
     When in need of quick rubbish clearance from a property, a friend recommended Home Clearance, and they did not disappoint! Quick to arrive, polite, efficient and offering competitive pricing - I'll most definitely use them again!
M. Hunt 09/02/2023
      Home Clearance Company exceeded all my hopes and expectations - faultless service! Quote was obtained quickly and the junk removal was handled immediately. Stress-free experience, will be using again next time without a doubt. Many thanks!
Carol K.26/01/2023
     I wanted to find a cheap office clearance company that could help me with all of my junk removal needs, and that's when I found your company online! Your team handled everything quickly, and there weren't any problems, just smooth service. I'm happy to have found you!
     Your junk collection service really saved me when I needed help with my home clearance project. You were there in no time and did a great job! The workers were very friendly too, which was great. I couldn't be happier!
      House Clearance Service helped me get rid of all my old furniture. I had some good pieces, just not the space for them anymore. I was pleased with how cheap your service was, and it didn't take long either. Thank you!
     We needed a full home clearance service for our house, and your company helped us out. We were on a budget, so we were very pleased with how cheap the service was! Thanks for handling all of our junk removal needs!
     You saved me from having to lift a finger! Your waste disposal team handled everything, and I just had to pay after the job was done. You are great, and I'll be coming back if I need help again!
     We had such a good experience with your rubbish removal company. We are thinking of hiring you again when we have more junk to get rid of. The workers were great, and your prices are very cheap!
     I was pleased with how quickly your garden clearance company managed to get rid of all my junk - it took them just a couple of hours to do it! The workers were very kind too and handled everything with care. I'll be going back to you!
     We were happy to find out that the prices for your rubbish clearance services are really affordable and very cheap indeed. Your team did such an incredible job; they didn't waste any time at all. Thanks for being here!
     I didn't think I'd be able to find a reliable waste collection service, but I was wrong! Your waste collection company helped me with all of my junk disposal needs in no time. Thanks so much for being here when we needed you!
     I never thought that my office clearance project could've been so easy, but your company made it happen! You managed to clear out all of our junk in no time, and the best part was - you were cheap too!
      Home Clearance Company are the best at providing waste clearance service in the district, thank you.
     My garage was a tip. Luckily, I was able to call upon HouseClearance and their garage clearance services. The service was cheap and was carried out to a professional standard. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
Andrew W.06/06/2018
     HouseClearance are definitely one of the best local services I have used for a while. They are so incredibly helpful when you speak to them. When I enquired about a house clearance for my mum they went through everything with me, answered all my questions, gave me a clear explanation of what was involved and offered me a free quote so I could compare with other companies. They were the cheapest and the most helpful so obviously I chose them.
Helen Turner23/03/2018
      Home Clearance was the cheapest option, so we kind of expected cheap service, but they turned out to be great. Haven't had a single problem. Very proud of the choice we made for our rubbish removal.
Tiffany Hazelwood20/02/2018
     The waste disposal service I hired from HouseClearance was exactly what I needed. The team helped me out of a really sticky situation.
Clive A.16/01/2018
     I actually chose a different service originally but after they let me down, I came across Home Clearance Company who were able to help with some rubbish collection at short notice, and for an absolute bargain price compared to the other place. So glad the other guys cancelled on me.
Pete Butters05/12/2017
     I was cash strapped and needed a waste collection service that I could count on. I hired Home Clearance Company and was totally satisfied. I'll admit their low-cost is what drew me in but after they came and did the job I knew that they were the real deal. Great prices and such hard workers. I really couldn't ask for anything more. I'm not usually one for writing reviews but this company deserves all the credit they receive!
Julie Newman 28/08/2017
      Home Clearance Company were recommended to me by a friend who'd used them, and I'm pleased to say they didn't disappoint. Were incredibly helpful when I called up, they gave me a free quote, and arranged a time to come and do my waste removal at a time I was actually around, so didn't even need to take a day off work. The team were also super friendly, and very good at what they do. Pleased I followed my friend's advice.
Kevin Porter26/07/2017
     Knew I'd made right decision from the moment I spoke the booking team at House Clearance, the lady who answered phone was really friendly, and took lots of time to answer my long list of questions. The quote for rubbish removal was really reasonable, and for once was what I actually ended up paying, which was nice surprise as expected loads of 'additional fees', but didn't have any. The guys who came to help were also great and really good at their jobs. Best customer service I've had in a while.
Katie Stokes10/07/2017
     HouseClearance can't be beat when it comes to quality. They delivered an effective waste removal service at a cost-effective price.
S. Paton27/06/2017
     Very Tidy! For a rubbish removal company, that is something I did not expect. Great job, House Clearance Companies, would recommend.
Florance Andover30/05/2017
      House Clearance Service did a fantastic service. Waste removal crews polite, nicely mannered, job done quick. Will use them again.
David Griffin05/05/2017
     HouseClearance offered me a great waste removal service and gave me a great discount. Would use their services again.
Paul B.24/04/2017
     I had a large amount of junk that I needed clearing from my spare room, and after hearing their prices, booking a rubbish collection service made sense. I'm glad I made that decision, because the job and my dealings with House Clearance Companies went swimmingly.
Johnathan Bates13/03/2017
     Hired House Clearance Companies for waste collection a couple of days ago. They charged me a reasonable price and really delivered on service.
Gabriel L.10/02/2017
     I was looking for a cheap rubbish removal service and that was what I got when I hired House Clearance Service. The team showed up just on time and the quality of service was top-notch!
Nancy P.16/01/2017
     I would strongly recommend HouseClearance! Their rubbish collectors were friendly and I really loved the price their offered me!
     I will definitely use House Clearance Companies again! I really appreciate their help. They do offer the lowest prices on junk clearance!
Paul P.15/11/2016
     Hired Home Clearance Company for my construction clearance. Their crew handled all the heavy waste, debris and scrap iron safely and without any injuries. The price of the service was very good, considering how fast and efficiently they worked. Will use again.
Harold Rhodes27/10/2016
     I've dealt with a lot of hoarding issues and I am really grateful that I have the affordable services of Home Clearance Company to help me with solve such problems. With their help the hoarded items are much easier to handle. Their domestic clearance team always has the right answer for me when they come to take it all away. I am quite happy with their services and I am already recommending them around. Thanks!
Evan Darling28/09/2016
     If I have junk to get rid of again, I'll definitely call up Home Clearance right away. It's not easy to sort and dispose of rubbish but this team made it easy for me. I couldn't believe how simple they made my home clearance so I'll one hundred percent use them the next time.
Ron James 30/08/2016
     I chose Home Clearance Company for my garden clearance because of their experience and price. I had a team of experts come to my home when I needed them to, and they collected the rubbish and debris so that I didn't have to. It was a great way to save time and the results are perfect. Thank you so much!
Lucy K.22/07/2016
     I had multiple pieces of furniture I wanted to get rid of, and they were all too heavy for me. House Clearance operates a rubbish removal service in my area, and I had heard many good things about them. They got straight to work, and now I have the space for my new furniture! Thank you!
Tim Worthington28/06/2016
     I was mightily pleased with the ‘can do' and professional approach of House Clearance Service and how they managed my garage junk clearance task with relative ease and simplicity. From the moment I first made contact with them and spoke to their advisors to the lovely, friendly team that arrived on the given day - everyone was very pleasant to deal with and left me thanking my lucky stars I entrusted the job to this company.
     I was planning a big spring clean of my home and the first step was to get rid of all the junk. I started sorting through things and selecting what I no longer needed. I had way too much to put out for my usual rubbish collection, so I had House Clearance Companies take care of things. They saw to my household rubbish removal, coming when I needed and taking away all the junk. It was gone in an instant, so they have allowed me to have an easy clean.
Denise Andrews26/04/2016
     I needed fast results for my flat clearance. It was essential that all of my junk was gone by the end of the week and I knew I couldn't do it alone. This is why I called Home Clearance. They succeeded in shifting every item, taking it out of my flat in no time. They gave me the results I wanted when I wanted them, so I had the perfect service.
Trevor Cook29/03/2016
     I'd spent several years wishing I had a larger place to live in, and spread out all the stuff I've owned. A few months ago, it finally dawned on me that my space problems were more down to me holding onto a load of old junk I didn't need! I hired House Clearance Service to clear everything out, and couldn't have been more satisfied with the service they provided. The team who were sent over knew exactly what they were doing right off the bat, and I was able to relax in a tidy home much sooner than expected!
Joseph P.03/12/2015
      Everything went perfectly from the minute I called their team until the last load of rubbish was removed. After I instructed them as to what needed removing, it was a pleasure to see their team whir into action and remove every last bit of rubbish quickly and efficiently. At the end of it, it was as if the rubbish wasn't even there to begin with! There were no remnants of any rubbish and waste and House Clearance took care of absolutely everything, so for that I'm extremely thankful.
Lauren Dutton17/11/2015
     My business started out small, but lately we've been going through a period of fairly rapid expansion, and pretty soon we found that we just couldn't operate in the cramped venue we were using. By the time we had a new place all sorted out, we had improved our venture enough that it would have been better to just buy new equipment for the new office. I was recommended Home Clearance Company, and called them for their office clearance services. You can tell they have a lot of experience working with business owners; everything was done to my specifications!
Stephen M.04/11/2015
     My house was an absolute bombsite, after the builders had left after completing their job. Unfortunately for me, they didn't bother to clear up, so it was left to me to sort out the situation. Home Clearance Company were fabulous and sorted everything out with ease and efficiency. The service was simple, yet effective and precisely what I needed, so I thank their team for all the hard work and effort.
Frankie Glynn27/10/2015
     Rubble and leftover building materials were blighting the back of my house after some building work had become rather messy. I didn't have a clue how to go about removing all the waste and leftover materials and didn't want to do it incorrectly. I called Home Clearance Company, I explained my situation to them and after hearing what they had to say, I was very happy to go ahead and book their removal service. I wasn't disappointed with the quality of service so I thoroughly commend their team for everything they managed to achieve.
Olivia Lakeman16/10/2015
      Home Clearance Company did a great job of getting rid of the waste that my builders had left behind! I'd been very happy with the work my builders had done, but not so thrilled with the prospect of cleaning up after them! This company provided me with the solution thanks to their professional and affordable services. My home looks perfect now and it's all down to this service!
     I wanted a cheap and professional garden clearance company and that's exactly what I got with House Clearance. They did a very high quality job, they worked quickly and I saw great results in no time. I was very happy with the price, which was really low and very affordable - a five star service that I would use again in the future!
     I had so much stuff in my house that I no longer had any free room. I couldn't put new items anywhere and the whole place felt cramped. I handled this though by calling up Home Clearance Company. I had them take care of my home clearance and they gave me the room I needed. Gone were all my old and unwanted goods and what was left was the space I needed. Thank you!
Veronica Cooper11/09/2015
     HouseClearance have been a huge help for my office. They have enabled us to get rid of the old junk we no longer needed, giving us the space and flexibility we need to operate. We can't thank you enough!
Wendy N. 01/09/2015
     I was having a tidy up during a break from work and soon discovered tones of broken furniture, old toys and general rubbish. As I went through the garage, loft and rooms there was so much waste and rubbish that was absolutely no use to us. I was recommended by a friend a house clearance company who took away household waste and called and arranged a booking. House Clearance Service were great and soon disposed of the varying loads of rubbish. It was a good all round service and the cost was low too!
Geoffrey Ruben18/08/2015
     I was relocating my business to a more modern premise in another area of town and needed help in discarding some old equipment and furniture. Home Clearance Company were reliable and had some good deals. They were able to fit in with my busy schedule and it didn't take them long to shift the rubbish. Some of the furniture was being reused and others stuff was being recycled so I was pleased it could be reclaimed! The staff was friendly and efficient and I would definitely use them again in the near future.
Nichole Walters 03/08/2015
     My house looks fantastic and it's all thanks to HouseClearance. They cleared all the rubbish from my back garden and went through everything like it was nothing. I was amazed at the speed at which they worked and am extremely grateful for the job well done.
     I was doing some refurbishment at home and had quite a big amount of old bits and pieces to throw away. I was considering hiring a skip, but I didn't know what I was going to do with it afterwards, when I filled it up. So, I chose a better alternative and brought in House Clearance Companies to collect and dispose of the rubbish for me. They made my work a lot easier.
Sam Calder13/07/2015
     Over the last few months, my garden had become a real mess. It was full of dried branches, hedge clippings, weeds and a lot of other green waste. I hired House Clearance Service to conduct a garden waste clearance and they took all the waste in one single visit. I now regularly host barbecues in my spacious and clean garden. Thank you so much!
Aaron Myles02/07/2015
     I chose to hire House Clearance Companies to clear my house because of their good customer reviews. They did an excellent job, left nothing behind and did it all in a really short space of time. I'm thrilled!
     Hiring House Clearance saved me hours of hard work! I needed to clear my home of rubbish and waste, but with my work schedule I couldn't find the time. Not only did this company provide me with a top-notch service that was fast and efficient, but they gave me a great price too! I'm chuffed with their assistance and couldn't be more pleased!
      House Clearance Service was recommended to me by a friend who'd recently tried their home clearance services. I wasn't sure about hiring them at first - I'd never used a service like this before - but it turned out to be a great decision! The company were polite, friendly and very good at what they do. My house was cleared in no time, and I was assured that everything would be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Excellent value for money and a service I'd recommend again and again!
     I recently shifted to a new house and the first thing I noticed was the huge amount of junk scattered around the property. Broken furniture, an old refrigerator, a pile of clothes - it was a never ending list. I needed someone to help me in sorting this mess out. Home Clearance Company's junk clearance service came to my rescue and within a few hours my new home was looking fresh, clean and tidy. Their staff is highly trained and that reflects in their work process. Furthermore, they understood all my demands and were very co-operative. I am definitely going to use their services again.
Luke M.27/05/2015
     Last year we decided to sublet our basement to college students. We had piled on junk in that place for years and it was in grave need of some help. Home Clearance's team arrived a few days head to give us an estimate and an assurance that the place shall be remarkable with a few days' effort. And they were right; basement junk clearance never looked so hassle free. We are very happy with the waste clearance service provided to us.
Y. Leigh15/05/2015
     I used House Clearance to dispose of some electrical items I had, ranging from TVs, computer monitors, fridge/freezers to a dishwasher. We had purchased new appliances and used this brilliant company to take the old ones away and dispose of them safely. The service was reasonably priced and the staff friendly and helpful.
Mark R.05/05/2015
     After having decorating done in the office we had a lot of old carpet, furniture and electronic equipment to get rid of. I knew that there were procedures to take it away so opted to hire the professionals. Home Clearance Company were excellent. The entire service from arranging a booking to supply a price and explain the details of how it would be handled to the actual rubbish clearance was wonderful and supplied for a good price too. I would definitely recommend if you need a big amount of some specific items dumped to use this company; they were wonderful.
Janine Evans25/04/2015
     I had a new kitchen and obviously with it came a lot of mess to clear away. I hired Home Clearance Company to take away the old fitments, sinks, old appliances and tiles. There was a lot but it wasn't a problem to this brilliant company, and it was soon cleared away. The charges were fair and it was all moved with no problems and safely.
Jacquelyn H.15/04/2015
     My wife and I were moving into a nursing home and out of our family home. Most of our belongings were being shared among loved ones and sold; we discovered a lot of old rubbish from over the years. We hired House Clearance Companies and got them to take away the assortment of items. The work was done to a high standard and at a great cost.
Ernest G.05/04/2015
     I used House Clearance Companies to take away some of my old kitchen and bathroom units after I did some decorating. There were also old tiles and wallpaper. But none of this was a problem; this professional company was soon on the case arranging a price and date for the removal. All in all a first rate service for a good cost.
Jerald Farmer26/03/2015
     When I hired HouseClearance to clear the junk from my house, I have to admit, I had pretty high expectations. A friend of mine had used their junk removal service and had nothing but good things to say, so I was expecting quite a lot from these guys. Fortunately, they did a brilliant job! The service was done quickly and there were no problems. The price was excellent too - can't fault this company, and would completely recommend to anyone!
Caroline M.16/03/2015
     This is a really great company, with hardworking and friendly staff and an excellent range of services. I hired HouseClearance for junk removal in my office, and I'm happy to say that they did a brilliant job! I didn't expect such an inexpensive company to deliver such professional results, but I have to say that I'm blown away by the work that they did! I got excellent value for my money, and I'm more than pleased with how my office now looks! Thank you!
     I'm over the moon with the work that HouseClearance put in to get my house junk-free. After having builders around, I knew I'd need professional people to deal with the mess left behind. This company were a great choice, as they were affordable, very friendly and highly professional. I was glad to see that my waste was being disposed of properly as well, as lots of companies don't bother to do it the right way! Good job - thanks!
Simon E.24/02/2015
     To say I'm pleased with House Clearance Service and their waste removal services would be an understatement - I couldn't be happier! My office really needed professional junk removal experts, and I can't fault this company or the fantastic work that they did. Clearing my office took no time, and I was able to get back to work without any problems whatsoever. You get a great level of service for the price, and I can't imagine finding anyone better for the job!
     Tripping over waste is not a good thing to happen to you first thing in the morning. It puts you in a bad mood all day... I'd had enough with procrastinating over the clearance issue and called HouseClearance because they happened to be first ones I stumbled upon. I'd normally shop around but I knew there was no point because they have the lowest rates anywhere and also provided the best service for me. I'm stunned and delighted at the same time how they managed it, it was like they were a superhuman workforce!
Hilda F.05/02/2015
     I'm more than pleased with the clearing help from HouseClearance. My garage was in desperate need of rubbish removal teams, and this company was just what I was hoping for! I found the service to be highly professional, and the staff worked very quickly while still doing a brilliant job. I can't recommend this company enough for their garage rubbish removal service - definitely call them if you're in the same position I was in, I'm really glad I did!
     Some office clearance services charge far more than the work should cost, but HouseClearance are fair priced as well as being able to offer a service which really suits me. As the owner of the office and the company I needed a smooth operation run by real professionals who know what it is to be in business. Sometimes I have had the displeasure of working with louts, but not at HouseClearance. The workers were polite and considerate to my needs. I will be giving them more business by recommending them to my associates who regularly need large scale industrial clearance operations which must run smoothly.
Katherine Lee24/01/2015
     Arranging waste removal with the council is a joke. Jumping through hoops, having limits on what they'll take away, it's not worth bothering with when HouseClearance's junk removal service is really cheap anyway. I had them take away the contents of my living room for next to nothing, and they were happy to do it. I was pleased with how they were flexible and cooperative even though the job itself wasn't that easy because the sofa was difficult to get through the door. They had great problem solving abilities making it all easy to cope with. -
Cheryl Oldham14/01/2015
     It's very important for me that a company I deal with understands the needs of real people. Sometimes you need a company to be flexible and deal with unforeseen circumstances... Some-times it turns out there's more stuff that you thought. It doesn't matter to HouseClearance, who are helpful and cooperative. I found them to be polite, considerate, courteous and understanding, as well as efficient, affordable and flexible. That's everything anyone could need from a clearance company, so I recommend them to anyone who needs clearance of any kind. I've used them for the spare room, the garage and the garden.
Rose Clayton04/01/2015
     I'm really pleased with House Clearance Companies and their waste clearance services. I needed someone who could tackle the waste and rubbish in my back yard, and even though it was a pretty big job, the team worked really hard to get everything done in what had to have been record time! Next time I have work done in my home this is the rubbish removal company I'll be using, as it was very inexpensive too - thanks for the help and the hard work!
     I heard that full property clearance doesn't come cheap, so I held it off for a while, too disheartened to check. I had inherited an old house from my grandparents which was full of things I did and didn't want to keep. I boxed up the nice things and left the rest to get cleared away. HouseClearance did the clearance work with amazing ease and got in and out in an hour or two while I organised the rest of the house and made arrangements to move in. It was all so easy and affordable, I want to tell everyone else about my great experience.
Emma Hughes09/12/2014
     Sometimes, if it's just a little bit, you can do the garden clearance by yourself. Most of the time though it is more than will fit in the car and it'd be a huge waste of time to clear it out yourself. Ser-vices are convenient sometimes, but necessary others. HouseClearance's service was a great conven-ience to us because to throw the waste away ourselves it would have taken a huge effort which I didn't really have in me, especially since I work almost seven days a week nearly every week. Thanks to HouseClearance for making my life easier!
Zelda R.29/11/2014
     The garage clearance firm I used, HouseClearance, were amazing to work with. They were happy to go along with whatever I wanted them to do and they were as flexible as I needed them to be. When it comes to jobs of indescribable size, like clearance, it's a shame more firms don't have the easy-going attitude I experienced, because they are often quick to get awkward when the job takes more time than they expected. This wasn't the case with HouseClearance, they were the perfect firm.
Michael Ray19/11/2014
     I recently split the office in half and we relocated to a different part of the city. For this to happen we had to buy and clear out two offices and clear the old one out to make it ready for sale. This is a momentous task, as you can imagine, but HouseClearance were able to coordinate the workings of it perfectly and everything went to plan. I just had to give them access, the address and they worked it all out and had it done within a day and a half over the weekend. We got set up on Monday morning and we're ready to work now without any time wasted. That's a very important thing in business.
Mick L.09/11/2014
     This company really know how to work out clearance problems! I was in a real mess when the first company I called cancelled on me but HouseClearance were able to sort it out on the same day so I didn't fall behind my schedule and make a mess of the whole week. They were easy-going, friendly and very capable at doing their job. I'm happy to have a house free of rubbish now and I'm ready to move away and get on with my life in peace.
Mary A.30/10/2014
     The best home clearance service ever! HouseClearance have been a true delight to work with and have proven themselves to be flexible, easy to deal with and friendly. This is exactly what everyone wants from a service when combined with efficiency and affordability, because there's nothing wrong with that. I had a huge amount of worthless rubbish in various places in the house which all needed throwing out. Instead of adding to the big pile I decided to do something about it and I feel much, much better.

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