The Seven Most Dangerous Myths about Waste Recycling
12Jan 2017

The Myths About Waste Recycling

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Recycling’s pointless, it’s a huge waste of time and a great expense - you must have heard this or contemplated it yourself at some point. Is there a smidgeon of truth to this or are they just dangerous myths that tarnish the eco-friendly practices of recycling?

1. Only a quarter of our waste can be recycled

Councils are implementing waste prevention strategies which actually means that about 80% of waste doesn’t have to go to waste and can be reused - but some people still like to dispute this fact.

2. It’s a very costly process

Recycling costs an arm and a leg for the government and everyone involved; an ideal statement for those who want a moan but it’s totally unjustifiable – the economics make sense as do the benefits of recycling on the environment.

3. Recycling isn’t actually as eco-friendly as other disposal methods

This one’s quite comical; recycling’s carried out to minimise the amount of waste going into landfill, but it still gets a bad rap because people are convinced chucking waste into the ground is better for the environment!

4. We need landfills for job production

Recycling, sorting through items at recycling plants and centres, requires approximately ten times more people than those required to chuck waste into landfill – it’s a myth, plain and simple.

5. The Government takes care of waste management

Put items that can be recycled in with general household waste, and you can bet your bottom dollar the waste will be going straight to landfill – the government won’t be able to do diddly-squat.

6. Waste recycling isn’t helping anyone or anything

This narrow mindedness is contributing to global warming. Look at the big picture, and think about how recycling your waste is benefiting the entire planet – because it is.

7. It’s mucky and time-consuming – just too much hassle!

Just bung everything into your general trash – that’s sheer laziness! Don’t let the lazy antics of a few deter you from doing the right thing and recycling.

Pay no notice to these dangerous myths

Recycling’s a great thing – we all know it, so don’t be put off by things you hear, the naysayers and be swayed by the negative ways of a few. Turn a blind eye to the myths – waste recycling’s the way to go.

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