8 Creative DIY Projects Using Plastic Bottle Caps

Posted on 05/10/2020

Best DIY Projects Using Plastic Bottle Caps

bottle caps

Are you aware of how many bottle caps you bring to your house on an annual basis? Do you have any idea how many bottle caps there are in your house right at this moment? And will all those caps become a subject of rubbish removal?

Hold on there; don’t touch that house clearance button just yet! There is a variety of DIY projects which you can start and get some use out of those bottle caps instead of just piling them onto the junk disposal heap. With so many types and colours, you can make a variety of decorations if you put your mind to it. If you need some imagination stirring, here you go.

bottle cap recycling

1. Lampshade
Stick bottle caps together in a big enough circle and place it around your night lamp. It’s simple, and it can have a variety of effects, depending on the size of the caps and their colours. Put a new shine to your room with different creative designs made just by a few bottle caps.

2. Spinning top
This is the easiest experiment to conduct. Take a bottle cap, pierce the exact middle with a long and pointy object and voila! You now have a perfectly viable spinning top. If you want something flashier, you can attach the bottle to an old CD or DVD and give your kid something to play with.

3. Coasters
Another incredibly easy project to save your caps from waste clearance. Glue a bunch of caps together in a circle or square and you are done. Perfectly fine coasters to place cups on and save the surface of your table from those annoying cup and glass circles.

toy car wheel

4. Wheels for toys
Caps can be great wheels if you have something to attach them to. It can be broken toy cars, or hand-made toys that need wheels, all you need is a stick to attach a pair of caps to and you are basically done – get to the rolling part!

5. Wall art decorations
Imagination is the only thing that can limit the things you can do with caps in terms of decoration. If you take a canvas and start nailing / gluing caps on it, you can create a variety of mosaic designs, or shapes or letters or words. Hang them on the wall and then you can spell “not for rubbish disposal”.

DIY wall art

6. Fridge / Board magnets
Glue a magnet to a bottle cap, add a letter to the other side and now you have an eccentric way of communicating with your family. Now you can constantly remind them to keep the fridge door closed as you literally spell it out for them.

7. Cap curtains
All you need to make a cap curtain is a needle and thread. You can string together as many caps as you like and hang the newly made curtain from wherever you like. Add it to thresholds to bring a very hipster feeling to the home, or just hang them down from walls to show off your cap collection – it’s all up to you.

decoration with bottle caps

8. Cap frames
Of course, you can simply use caps to frame something. Glue them together around the object that you desire to decorate further. Whether it would be a painting or some wall art, or a photo, or even if you want to put a fence around your kid’s favourite toy soldier, caps will always help.

Waste clearance is not the only option when it comes to bottle caps. They may be seemingly useless beyond a cap collection, but there actually are things you can do with them. Just make use of your creativity and work on that.

Nicholas Krygier
Nicholas Krygier

Nicholas' early fascination with organization has led to a successful career as a rubbish removal specialist. He finds fulfillment in turning disorderly spaces into orderly ones, assisting clients in overcoming the challenges associated with clutter.

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