10 Things You Shouldn't Throw Away - Repurpose Them Instead
06Oct 2015

Creative Ideas for Recycle Your Potential Rubbish

Repurpose Items

When you endeavour in the tedious task of property clearance, you will inevitably find out that you have way too many items, and most of them you don’t even use. But that doesn’t necessarily make them useless, so don’t immediately think junk disposal. You can do your house clearance even after you leave some of the items you find behind. Many items have a huge reuse value and will save you the price of a brand new item which you were planning on buying for a certain purpose. Think smart and see how an item – no matter how old – can be of any use to you, and only then add it to the heap for rubbish removal.

1. Old Newspapers
Yes, once you read them, newspapers lose their original purpose. But then again, they can be reused for so many other things. You can use them to protect surfaces when you paint. You can cut photos and make collages. You can use them as the traditional tool for window cleaning. You can use them once the time for moving comes and you need protective wrapping. Always keep a pile of newspapers around just in case.

Newspapers Recycling

2. Old Tyres
Tyres are never useless if you seek decoration or entertainment. A tyre can become a swing for your children if you are handy enough to create one, or a plant pot to put into your garden. They can be a part of a fence, or a hoop for your pet. They can be part of an obstacle course, or, if cut properly, the strips can be used for making other sorts of decoration.

Recycling Tyres

3. Old Ladders
Your old ladder has seen better days and you are unsure that if can handle your weight. Well, no worries – it can still handle your clothes’ weight.  Attach it to a wall or hang it from the ceiling of your hallway, add hooks, and you have yourself a clothes hanger.

Ladders Recycling

4. Rubber Bands
Rubber bands are always useful. You can have a plastic bag that you need to tie closed, or a collection of vegetables you need sorted, or even while doing your hair styling and you need to separate the locks. Don’t throw the rubber bands away as you can always find them a purpose.Rubber Bands Recycling

5. Bottle Caps
Why throw away a perfectly fine collection of bottle caps? They can be used to mix paint if you are an artist and like painting, or you can take your time to make a mosaic decoration with them. Speaking of decorations, you can stitch them together and create a variety of shapes and figures to hand on walls or ceilings.Bottle Caps Recycling

6. Old Crates
The crate’s life extends beyond that of the old container you brought all the pickle jars in. At the very least you can add a plastic bag and use them as rubbish bins. The handier you are, the more options you will get – arrange them as a console station, nail them together as a shelf, make a coffee table – plenty of choices there.old crates recycling

7. Clothes Buttons
Also useful for a variety of decorating options. You can frame them into custom posters for your wall, stitch them to embroidery to add more colour, string them together as a mosaic, or any shape for decoration. 

Reuse and Recycling

8. Jeans
Even if you don’t want to use old jeans as rags, you can use them as a modernist canvas and paint over them, or cut them apart and make original coverings. You can cut out the pockets and use them as space savers, hanging them from a shelf for more storage. You can even make a rag rug out of them.

Old Clothes Recycling

9. Handkerchiefs
Even if you don’t plan on using your old cloth handkerchiefs, you can still repurpose them in a variety of ways. They are basically square fabric, and that makes them useful in ways only your imagination can limit. You can stitch them together to make a curtain or a table cloth, tie them together and make a huge ribbon for your window curtains, or cut them apart in different shapes for new patches.

Quilt Recycle

10. CDs and DVDs
Talk about limitless options. CDs and DVDs can be anything from coasters to poster decorations to stringed-together hanging decorations, to cut apart and reordered mosaic decoration, even to a part of a Halloween costume.

Old CDs Recycling

So hold on before you get that skip hire, think about what can be reused before you start with the rubbish clearance. Most items in your house have more than one obvious function and many more ways to be used if you consider what else you can do with them.

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