10 Ideas on How to Minimize Your Waste at Home
20Jun 2016

Simple Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home

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Home waste is a problem as it often leads to inconvenient clutter and other problems, some of which are associated with smells and bad aesthetics. But all that is easily fixable if you focus on waste disposal and do some proper organisation. Here are some ideas:

1. Use reusable shopping bags instead of single use paper ones.
2. Use home-made cleaners you make for the occasion instead of buying more.
3. Learn to compost and throw in all your organic waste there (such as food waste).
4. De-clutter, downsize, and minimise.
5. Repair instead of replace.
6. Lower paper use.
7. Consider borrowing items for temporary use instead of buying new ones.
8. Donate or sell things you do not use.
9. Buy in bulk, not individual items.
10. Buy whole foods and not packaged goods.

Dealing with home waste is actually pretty simple. Starting with all the things you bring in, you can use the shopping bags a number of times if they are reusable, rather than the single use ones which you throw away immediately after taking out the groceries. Also, the things you already have in the house but never use are only taking space and letting more clutter settle in. Practice some junk disposal and throw them away, or at least donate them to somebody who will actually use them if you won’t.

Waste recycling and smart cleaning are also ways of diminishing home waste. If you have a garden, then having a compost heap is an excellent method of dealing with organic waste such as food leftovers, instead of letting them rot in the fridge before finally getting rid of them. Learn about composting and practice it to see the difference it will make both in your home and in your garden. Also, instead of constantly bringing in new cleaning supplies, you can deal with stains, dust and home maintenance with products you already have in the kitchen, such as baking soda and vinegar.

And do you really need so much paper around the house? Doing paper waste disposal is a chore as much as anything else, so go digital if you need notes, or use a microfiber cloth instead of a kitchen roll for wiping surfaces. Also, when it comes to broken items, don’t store the old ones after buying new ones. Instead, try repairing them and see how that will leave you with more space and it will also save you money. Be smart when dealing with household waste – there are various ways of handling that problem.

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